$7.99 flat rate shipping

$7.99 flat rate shipping

18" In-Ground Base

Thanks to suggestions from some of our amazing customers, we developed a longer metal base to be used with the Big Tether Tug.  This 18" Metal Base gives additional depth and stability for the Tether Tug. The extra length is proving effective at keeping the Tug in place when facing conditions and/or a dog that challenges the standard 14" In-Ground Base.   The 18" In-Ground Base installs exactly like the standard base except that it must go deeper into the ground.  Also this base has a  welded metal peg as part of the base.  This alteration to the base will keep the Tether Tug at the proper height for optimum play.  In the product photo you can see the 18" base (left) next to the 14" base.  The 14" In-Ground Base sold separately.


Installation is easy!  Watch our how-to video


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