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Endless Interactive, Outdoor Play

Interactive, Outdoor Dog Toys

The Tether Tug system provides a perfect outlet for dogs to channel their natural instincts for chasing, grabbing, tugging, running, and playing, allowing them to burn off energy with enthusiasm.

Ideal for the outdoors, backyards, or open spaces, Tether Tug is a versatile toy comes in three sizes and offers interchangeable tug toy attachments for endless entertainment.

Interactive, Stimulating Play

Every Tether Tug offers your pup endless hours of physical and mental stimulation.

Tug Tough Guarantee

Each Tether Tug is handmade and any defects in craftsmanship are covered by our guarantee.

Customizable Playtime

We offer 5 interchangeable toys for your dog's optimal playtime experience.

Quick & Easy to Install

You can install a Tether Tug with a rubber mallet and just a few minutes. Put the base in the ground and tug!

Watch How It Works

Watch Tether Tug in Action with Geralynn Cada!

Give Your Dog the Gift of Endless Play!

Tug Tough Today & Tomorrow

All Tether Tug products are proudly covered by our Tug Tough Guarantee, meaning your can be confident in your purchase today, tomorrow and tug after tug after tug. Read our warranty here.

Play Inside & Out

We invite you to browse our popular assortment of outdoor dog toys, tug of war dog toys and complete tether tug dog toy systems. Designed for your backyard or your living room, Tether Tug dog toys are proudly covered by our Tug Tough Guarantee.

Who Makes the Tether Tug?

Our business is way more than just a "pet project"... it's our passion. We are a small, hard-working team of dog fanatics that create interactive, interchangeable products to improve the health and well-being of dogs through physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Indoor Tether Tug

Have a small dog that loves to play? Check out our indoor Tether Tug system.

Endless Pulls, Tugs, Twists & Spins

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"My dog was always restless and not able to wind down easily. Murphy just has energy to spare and daily walks around the block are not enough. I needed a way for him to exercise without me! The Tether Tug has made such a difference in our daily routine. Murphy takes a great nap after tug time and sleeps through the night now. I recommend the Tether Tug to every pet parent!"

— Murphy's Mom in Cincinnati, Ohio

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