Product & Sizing Questions 

Q: What size do I order for my new puppy?

A: First, congratulations on the new family member! We recommend purchasing the size Tether Tug that will be appropriate for the adult size. Pups grow so fast and a medium or large breed puppy will outgrow a small Tether Tug very quickly.

We recommend ordering a Braided Fleece Toy Attachment for puppies. It is soft on their baby mouths and the fleece is super stretchy. It will give them plenty to do while they are growing into their Tether Tug!

Q: My dog is REALLY strong, will this thing last?

A: We have had extra large dogs (roughly 150 lbs) play with the toy without any problems. While we can’t guarantee the Tether Tug will withstand the play of every dog, we do stand by our product. If you purchase the toy from our website and it breaks quickly, we will replace or refund your purchase. Click here to learn more about our Tough Tug Guarantee.

Q: What if my dog isn't interested in the toy?

A: Many dogs are naturally interested in something new added to their outdoor play space and will know just what to do! But some dogs are unsure at first and might be hesitant to play. If your dog is not sure how to get the fun started, simply interact with the Tether Tug toy attachment and show them how it can move around. Once your dog gets a hold of the attached tug toy, let go and let the Tether Tug take over so they can understand that it will tug back. You might have to get the tug time started for a while just to give your dog the signal that it's OK to play!

Q: Can I use a different toy attachment instead of the rope?

A: Yes! We offer a variety of different toy attachments that can be used with any size Tether Tug or even with our Easy Tug Handheld toy. Click here to browse all of our different tug toys.

Q: Can the Tether Tug ricochet and hit my dog?

A: Tether Tugs are designed to have just enough play to entice your dog to play and after the attached tug toy without getting hurt. The interactive tugging, spinning and pulling features the Tether Tug offers keep playtime fun and safe for your pet. We do recommend that people stay clear of the Tether Tug's play radius while being used to avoid collisions or getting tangled up.

Q: My dog chews everything and I know he'll destroy this quickly. What do you suggest?

A: Supervision is always recommended while playing with a Tether Tug and any tug toy attachment. Each Tether Tug is designed for very playful pulling, tugging and spinning. It is not a chew toy that your dog should be able to/or will want to sit and chew on until it's destroyed. If a dog bites or grabs the Tether Tug anywhere but at the attached toy, immediately redirect your pup back to the toy.

Q: Why is a Tether Tug worth the price?

A: Every Tether Tug is a high quality, handmade dog toy that when used per the instructions will prove to be worth every penny! The physical and mental stimulation that a durable, interactive Tether Tug has to offer is unmatched by just any dog toy. Your pet can entertain themselves and you won't have to wear yourself out. Many dogs are very active and get easily bored, often resulting obnoxious or destructive behaviors, so a Tether Tug give them a proper outlet for their energy and you won't have to play an endless game of fetch.

Installation Questions

Q: How do I install it? Is it easy to install?

A: The first step is to install the 18" metal in-ground base. Using a rubber mallet, drive the metal base into the ground until an inch or two is still visible just above the ground. If using a metal hammer, place a block of wood or other solid durable item on top of the base so hammering doesn’t damage the top of the base. Sharp edges on the top of the metal base can tear the Tether Tug and compromise the toy. Once the metal base is in the ground, simply insert the Tether Tug toy into the base. The toy is now ready for play!

The pole slides into and out of the base to allow for mowing and stowing when playtime is over. We recommend the base be installed deep into the ground to allow the mower to drive over it.

Click here to watch our helpful installation video on YouTube.

Q: Does the pole stay in the ground?

A: An 18" base in included with our BIG & MEDIUM Tether Tug toys. When installed properly, the Tether Tug will stay in place tug and tug again. If your dog still manages to find a way to pull it out of the ground, please let us know and we will work with you, your type of ground (soil, grass, etc.) and find a solution.

Q: Can I leave it outside for my dog to play while I'm out of the house?

A: Supervision is always recommended when using a Tether Tug. Supervision for safe and appropriate use of the toy is necessary for you and your dog to have a great experience!

Other Questions

Q: What is expedited shipping?

A: Our goal at Tether Tug is to ship your order the next business day. Sometimes we get busy or frankly overwhelmed and it may take a day longer. If you want to ensure that your order ships the next day, please choose expedited shipping.

Still Have Questions? We're Happy to Help!

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