Dogs comes in lots of sizes, shapes, breeds and energy levels, but there is a Tether Tug designed for each one!

BIG Dogs | 70 lbs or More

The bigger the dog, the bigger the tug! That's why BIG Tether Tug products are designed to withstand even the mightiest dog.

The ultimate in Tether Tugs, the BIG Tether Tug is the strongest version ever made. Nearly 40% thicker than the Medium Tether Tug, and 30% stronger than the previous model!

These BIG Tether Tug bundles and tug toys will give your dog the energy release they crave in their daily routine. All of our bundles include a Knotted Rope Tug Toy, but you can also attach any of our popular tug toys.

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MEDIUM Dogs | 36 to 69 lbs.

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SMALL Dogs | 35 lbs or Less

Is your dog small but mighty with endless energy? We totally get it! 

All of our SMALL dog Tether Tug kits include an indoor and outdoor base, so the fun can happen just about anywhere! All of our bundles include a Braided Fleece Rope, but you can also attach any of our popular tug toys.

Many of our small dog customers are Terrier breeds and mixes. They just love to tug, spin and pull, so they really benefit from the mental and physical stimulation provided by the Tether Tug. 

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Puppies | Of Any Size

Congratulations on your new family member!

We recommend that you purchase a Tether Tug system based on their full grown, adult weight: 

  • Small Dogs: Less than 35 lbs
  • Medium Dogs: More than 35 lbs, but Less than 70 lbs
  • Large Dogs: More than 70 lbs

We recommend starting with the Braided Fleece Tug Toy attachment to help their puppy teeth.

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