Tether Tug For Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are gentle giants. Though they’ve gained a reputation for being ferocious, this is far from the truth. At Tether Tug, we love pit bulls, and we know that they’re one of the most kind, loyal, and friendly breeds around.

When raising a pit bull, attention and exercise are both critical. Pit bulls don’t deal well with being alone, and should be socialized with other animals and people from an early age.

And if you’re a pit bull owner, you know how much these dogs love to exercise! The pit bull breed was originally developed as a utility dog and a hunting companion when pursuing animals such as bears or bulls – and is incredibly strong for its weight.

Despite the fact that American Pit Bulls are generally less than 60lbs in weight when fully grown, they’re incredibly strong, with a wide-built body and powerful leg, chest, and jaw muscles.

This means that pit bulls often exhibit one of the most annoying traits that a dog owner can have to deal with – excessive, constant chewing. Pit bulls who are not intellectually or physically stimulated may begin chewing objects like furniture, walls, shoes, sports equipment – anything that’s readily available.

The same goes for chew toys. Pit bulls have massive jaws – which is one of the reasons they have such a fearsome reputation – and their jaws can quickly grind up low-quality dog toys. This isn’t just expensive, it can be dangerous for your dog. If your pit bull chews up a cheap or flimsy toy and swallows it, it may need its stomach pumped – or even surgery.

At Tether Tug, we understand the unique characteristics of the pit bull. That’s why we’ve developed our Uber Tether Tug [size]. Built out of the highest-quality components and materials, this active dog toy can handle pit bulls of any size.

A stainless steel rod and a high-quality woven synthetic rope pull ensure that the Tether Tug always remains intact, and can’t be chewed or swallowed.

Which Tether Tug Should I Get For My Pit Bull?

For pit bulls of all sizes, we recommend the Big Tether Tug.  Despite the fact that pit bulls can range in size from 30-65 lbs, their powerful jaws and bodies make the Uber Tether Tug the best choice.

With our Big Tether Tug, it’s easy to give your pit bull an outlet for their energy, provide them with a heavy-duty chew toy, and keep them intellectually stimulated – all at the same time!

Just plant your Tether Tug in your yard or in another grassy area, smack it to get it moving, and watch as your pit bull chases it around – for hours on end! Your precious pup is sure to love the erratic motion of our interactive dog toy! If your soil is a little damp or sandy, we recommend the stabilizer base….or just a touch of concrete!

So make sure your pit bull has the toys it needs to stay happy – and avoid the risk of chewing and swallowing inferior quality toys. Invest in an Big Tether Tug  today!