Tether Tug For Border Collies

Border Collies are absolutely wonderful dogs. Intelligent, active, and friendly to children and adults alike, Border Collies are fantastic companions, and one of our favorite breeds at Tether Tug!

But if you’re a Border Collie owner, you know things aren’t always easy when it comes to caring for your pup. Border Collies are sheepdogs – and they were bred to work. Border Collies are incredibly athletic and require quite a bit of exercise. Even taking your dog for two walks a day may not be enough to satisfy its need for exercise – especially if you live in a small apartment, or a home without a backyard.

Border Collies thrive in a household that offers them plenty of play and exercise. Because of their vigorous personalities, need for exercise, and need for mental stimulation, serious personality and behavioral problems can result when they’re not given enough exercise or activity.

Indeed, Border Collies are infamous for developing problematic behaviors when they’re not properly cared for. This can include chewing holes in furniture and walls, destructive scraping/hole digging, scratching, and excessive barking.

Border Collies are also somewhat prone to hip dysplasia. While this is a genetic disorder, there is evidence that regular exercise can help reduce its effects, and increase quality-of-life in older dogs.

At Tether Tug, we understand how difficult it can be to give your Border Collie enough exercise to keep it satisfied – both mentally and physically. That’s why we’ve developed our unique, interactive dog toys. The Tether Tug is an active dog toy that can help your precious pup get the exercise that it needs to thrive – even if you have other things to do!

By simple planting your tether tug in your backyard, park, or another grass area, you can provide your pup with hours of entertainment and exercise – and they’re sure to tucker themselves out, and get the stimulation they need to stay satisfied, healthy, and well-behaved.

Which Tether Tug Should I Get For My Border Collie?

Typically, Border Collies range from between 25-45 pounds, depending on the gender and other genetic factors. If you have a smaller Border Collie, we would recommend the Medium [size] Tether Tug. This product is designed for dogs in between 35-65 lbs but is still the right choice for the 25lb Collie because of their drive. 

So get your Tether Tug today! Whether you’ve got a Border Collie puppy, a juvenile, or an older Border Collie, they’re sure to benefit from the mental and physical stimulation provided by our one-of-a-kind dog toy!