The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Content

The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Content - Tether Tug

Pet health is something most pet owners should be aware of because if you aren’t, then you take the risk of your pet getting sick more often, and possibly decreasing its lifespan. Today we are going give you a few good ideas that will help you keep your pets in good shape and fight obesity.

How to Recognize Signs of Obesity

One of the very best ways to figure out if your dog needs to go on a diet is to try and feel for its ribs. If you need to apply any kind of pressure in the rib area, then there is a very good chance that your dog is obese. Another great way to determine if your dog is overweight is to monitor his or her breathing habits. 

If you notice your dog panting nonstop, or if you notice that your dog is having to lay down after exercising only briefly, then this is another possible sign of obesity. You should also start taking notice of the actual shape of your dog and if you notice that it has somewhat of a square body shape, you must take action immediately to rectify this problem.  If you don’t help your dog shed its excessive body weight it could lead to several other health risks. 

For instance, your pet could start doing damage to their joints or develop diabetes as well as having impaired liver function. Sometimes obesity in pets can even lead to heart disease and increased blood pressure. Most owners start to recognize these symptoms long after it is too late and their companions are in trouble. If this is a topic you haven’t given much thought, then maybe you should try to think about how your pet feels. Think about how miserable it would be to not be able to move around, or how chronic breathing problems could leave you feeling hopeless.

Obesity isn’t discriminatory, and it can affect all types of dogs regardless of their shape, size, or breed. One important point to ponder is that if you feed your dog one cookie, it is the equivalent of a human eating two hamburgers. Many of us often give our pets all kinds of table scraps, or treats to let our furry friends know that we love them; but, many times we are actually doing more harm than good.

Many veterinarians say that obesity in pets has reached epidemic proportions, and it is mainly caused by us - the pet owners. So next time you are thinking about tossing those extra table scraps to your dog that is begging with those big sad eyes, think twice. We control almost every aspect of our pet’s life and what kind of food they eat plays an important role in their overall health.

How Can We Defeat Obesity?

Making your dog exercise is a great way to win the fight against obesity. Go out and have fun with your dog! Take him / her for a walk to the park and let them enjoy the scenery and get some sunshine. If going for walks isn’t really your thing, then you could even try getting them a tennis ball that you could throw and they could chase!

Also, try letting them out more often, because many times dogs will run and play on their own once they are outside; but, remember to keep an eye on them if you are afraid of them running away. There are tons of great ways to play with your pet and it is necessary that you do this not only for their health, but so they know that they are loved and adored by you. If you are having a hard time deciding what would be the best way to help your dog exercise, or if you work long hours and really don’t have the time, then we have the perfect solution for you. Get your best buddy, a tether tug at This toy is a wonderful solution to try and keep your dog in shape. Your dog will be able to pull, drag, and chew this toy until their heart’s content because it is not only fun, but is extremely durable.

Tether tug isn’t like your run of the mill dog toys either, because this thing was built to last and it is available for dogs of all shapes and sizes. So, don’t be worried if you have a large dog, a small dog, or a medium sized dog, because we at TetherTughave toys designed based on the weight and size of your animal. Your best friend will thank you for buying this product in more ways than one! You will be extending the life of your dog as well as contributing to its overall happiness, and a happy dog is a good dog!

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