How to Keep Up with Your Dog When You’ve Run Out of Energy

How to Keep Up with Your Dog When You’ve Run Out of Energy - Tether Tug

or those of us who work long office jobs away from home, there is nothing quite as refreshing as hearing the bark of your dog as you approach the door after a long day of work. After the obligatory kisses, tail wagging, and exhilaration as if you had been gone for ages, you dog most likely urgently needs to head out for a walk to relieve the bladder and burn off some of the extra energy that has built up from being pent up inside all day.

After a few laps around the local dog park and a seemingly endless game of fetch, your stomach begins to growl for dinner. Your dog, however, is just warming up and would be happy to continue to play for hours. The problem, of course, is that while you were working all day, he or she was napping the day away on the comforts of your couch.

If this scenario is almost a daily routine for you and your dog, you don’t have to break your dog’s heart by coming in after a short play date nor exhaust yourself  by trying to keep up with your dog´s apparent endless reserves of energy. Tether Tug is a fantastic toy that will allow your dog to burn off some energy after a long day at home while you can enjoy his or her enthusiasm without over exerting your own tired body.

Why Do Dogs Have So Much Energy?

Even though you may firmly believe that your dog is a human member of the family, it is important to remember that your dog is an animal with firmly entrenched instincts. Over the centuries, dogs were bred for a variety of different purposes. From taking care of sheep in the pastures to helping you on the hunt, dogs were expected to have high energy levels in order to contribute to the livelihood of the family. 

Hunting breeds especially are known to have extremely high energy levels. Breeds such as Dalmatians, Jack Russell Terriers, Siberian Huskies, and others were mostly bred for their hunting instincts, and you can see signs of that ancient trait in your pup’s endless amount of energy.

While most dogs will become a little bit more mellow as they grow into “adulthood”, that doesn’t mean that your dog will simply be a couch potato. If you don’t have a large backyard and if your work away from home, you need to give your dog some way to burn of the excess energy that he or she accumulates during the day. 

Think of your own situation. After a long day at the office, you might be mentally drained, but chances are that your body is itching for some sort of exercise. Your short stop at the gym on the way home is a way to burn off those extra calories, and your dog inevitably needs the same. 

What is the Tether Tug?

Along with playing fetch and Frisbee, one of the favorite games of almost all dogs is playing tug of war. If you are like most dog owners, you have probably gone through your fair share of towels playing this game with you dog. Not only is this game fun, but it is also a good way to get your dog to burn off some energy. If you have a larger dog, or if your pup has grown up to a 50 pounder, you probably have found that playing tug of war is not a game you can win at anymore.

To avoid ripping your shoulder out of its socket, the tether tug is a great way for your dog to continue to play tug of war for hours on end without ruining your supply of bathroom towels nor leaving you exhausted. You can find tether tugs for all different sizes of dogs depending on their levels of strength and physical prowess. The bendable metal pole in the center and the tough and resistant material for the dog to latch on to will mean that you pup will enjoy playing for hours.

A Toy for Both You and Your Dog

You work long hours and your dog, who is pent up inside all day long is slowly growing into an obese lap dog. To keep your dog healthy without spending hours each day at the dog park, investing in a quality tether tug should be a priority for every dog owner.

We at offer a variety of different tether tugs for dogs from under 15 pounds to over 100 pounds. Furthermore, our full line of accessories includes fleece toys, tennis ball toys, and even ground stabilizers so that your dog can enjoy his or her tether toy even while at the sandy beach. After a few short weeks, you will most likely find that the tether tug is not only your dog’s favorite toy, but yours as well.

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