How to Keep Your Dog Safe on a Hunting Trip

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on a Hunting Trip - Tether Tug

Hunting with a well-trained dog can be rewarding for both the owner and the dog. But even the most experienced hunters can struggle when hunting with a dog that's not properly prepared. To make the trip go smoothly, it's important to plan ahead before your hunt. The following tips can help you keep your dog safe and happy on your hunting trip.

Train Before the Hunt

One of the best ways to keep your dog safe is to train them before the hunt. Training could begin when your dog is a puppy, but it can start even when the dog is older. If you don't feel confident with your own training capabilities, there are plenty of experienced dog trainers who can help you in preparing your dog for their first hunt. Off-leash training and obeying your commands are some of the most important skills to focus on when preparing your dog to go hunting with you.

Use Tracking Equipment

Even the best hunting dogs can occasionally get out of your sight, especially when in tracking mode. Investing in a quality GPS tracker for your dog can prevent them from getting lost. There are several different types of trackers designed for use with hunting dogs. Some may include a collar, while others can simply attach to your dog's existing collar.

Proper Equipment Storage

Storing your hunting equipment properly will keep both humans and animals safe during travel to and from your hunting destination. When it comes to firearms safety, that depends on your weapon. If you’re using a rifle or shotgun, you’ll need a gun case for the road, and you’ll need to be familiar with appropriate firearm carrying positions. If you have a hunting pistol or other type of handgun, Vedder Holsters recommends using a holster to reduce the risk of an accident. Quality holsters are designed to keep the trigger of your firearm secure and keep you and your dog safe.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

There are certain risks associated with taking your dog on a hunting trip. It's important to be prepared with a first aid kit that contains anything you may need in case your dog gets injured. According to Preventive Vet, dog first aid kits are similar to those designed for humans, but they contain specific medications and treatments for canines. A well-stocked first aid kit should include wound care, basic medications and other essentials.

Dogs are man’s best friend and the best companions to have on a hunting trip. If you're planning on taking your dog hunting, be sure to take some basic safety precautions. This way, you and your pal will stay safe.

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