Benefits of Having an Active Dog - And Why You Should Join Them

Benefits of Having an Active Dog - And Why You Should Join Them - Tether Tug

Healthy dogs are happiest when they're able to get plenty of exercise, and this makes life much easier on their owners as well. If you're thinking about adding a canine member to your family, or if you already have a pup who would benefit from getting a better daily workout, here are some points to help coax you in the right direction.

Sticking to Health Goals

Maintaining a regular fitness regimen can be rough, especially if you have a busy lifestyle to begin with. Time constraints, bad weather, and an overall feeling of lethargy all mean that you're bound to find plenty of excuses for skipping your planned exercise routine. Your dog, meanwhile, needs to exercise no matter how you feel about it. Regardless of size or energy levels, you should be doing at least 30 minutes of walking or playing with your dog each day. You can vary your activities and the intensity to make it a workout for both you and the dog. Exercise is always easier with a buddy, and your dog is the perfect companion.

Disease Prevention

Did you know that people who regularly walk their dogs are only 30 percent as likely to develop diabetes as non-dog owners? That's because the activity helps to keep cortisol levels low. Regular dog walking can also help you maintain a healthy weight. Similarly, studies have shown that children are less likely to suffer from allergies if they're exposed to pets from a young age. Getting the kids involved in the dog's exercise routine is also an excellent way to teach responsibility.

Emotional Support and Recovery

The simple act of petting a dog is known to alleviate stress. For people who struggle with mental health issues, a furry friend can be a lifesaver. The same is true for recovering alcoholics. There are many people who have dealt with drug addiction who have found having pets to be comforting. If you fall into any of these categories, an active dog can serve as your emotional support animal in addition to being your new best friend.

Personal Safety

An alert, active dog is the best burglar alarm a home can have. Even if your dog won't actually bite anyone, the sound of his barking could frighten off a potential intruder. His presence will also contribute greatly to your peace of mind, thereby contributing to your overall sense of well-being.

In short, keeping your dog active will benefit the entire family. Dogs who have worn themselves out with proper exercise are far better behaved and easier to care for, and their human companions will be happier and healthier as a result.

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