What Factors to Keep in Mind When Getting a Puppy for Your Kids

What Factors to Keep in Mind When Getting a Puppy for Your Kids - Tether Tug

Little puppies rank high in the oh-so-cute category. A dog can provide many benefits, including being a compassionate friend, providing endless entertainment, and protecting the family. Your brood may be ready to adopt a pet, but you need to consider a few things before you bring Fido home.


Lifestyle is a big factor in the breed you choose. Quivira Corgis explains that if your lifestyle is busy and on the go, find a dog that can handle a change and can adapt to living in an apartment, on the road, or in the country. The goal is to create a long-lasting and happy relationship, so choosing the right breed is imperative. Consider things like your family situation, experience level, time availability, and home. Some dogs do well in an apartment complex, while others would be a challenge. Can you imagine a puppy yapping 24/7 and driving the neighbors crazy? You want a dog that can work within your space confinements.


A dog’s dander is the number one thing that causes allergies to flare. If you or your children have allergies, then you may want to consider a hypoallergenic breed. While no pooch is 100 percent allergen-free, there are a few that have lower levels. Plus, these canines don’t tend to shed as much either. So, what dog is good for allergy sufferers? Poodles are one of the top breeds in this category. Additionally, many hybrid dogs bred with a poodle are also in demand. Things like Goldendoodles, Labradoodle, Bichon Friese, Maltese, and the Afghan Hound are just a few low allergen dogs.


Probably the most significant consideration when selecting a dog is the temperament of the breed. Sure, it’s all about how you raise them, but canines all have characteristics that are bred in them. Take, for example, the Dalmatian. These little spotted puppies are darling. However, all cuteness aside, some bloodlines in this breed can be aggressive. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adopt a dog that is known to have temperament issues, but you might need to consider other costs, like obedience school and doggy daycare during the training phase. Big dogs always get a bad rap. You always hear about Pit Bulls and Dobermans. However, did you know that according to WKYC the Chihuahua is the most aggressive breed? Do your research. Take time to read reviews and stories about temperament, potty training, and overall family cohesion before you make a choice. Some dogs do better with one person whereas others, like the Golden Retriever, love anyone who will give them attention.

Adopting a dog is a big commitment. When they are puppies, they are much like babies. They require constant attention, and the potty-training phase isn’t easy. However, once you get through the first year, you will understand why they call them "Man’s best friend.”

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