How to Entertain Your Dog During Movie Night

How to Entertain Your Dog During Movie Night - Tether Tug

Dogs provide comfort and happiness to owners. And even though you spend a lot of time with your pooch, sometimes they need additional care and attention at a less than convenient time. They can sometimes seek this during a movie night when you and some friends try to watch a flick. These three tips will help you to entertain your dog during a movie night.

Open Plan

You can have your movie night in a large open space to give your dog plenty of room to enjoy the night. While dogs might not watch the film, they can happily enjoy the company of others. This means that they can move around and interact with other people during the movie without disturbing everyone too much. This not only lets you keep your dog busy, but your dog remains entertained in an open area where it's easy to interact with people. This will let your dog enjoy the company of others in a safe environment, and give them plenty of space to calm down on their own terms.

Outdoor Theater

You can turn your backyard into a theater to provide plenty of space for guests and your dog. You can set up a projector or install a television to make it easy to use during a movie night. Watching movies on a projector or installing a television on the backyard patio will allow you to exercise your dog during movie night. Your dog will have plenty of room to move around and run, and play with their TetherTug. This will allow your dog to enjoy the time outside with everyone while the movie night happens.

Provide Fun Distractions

Even with a fun environment, your dog may still need a few distractions to stay happy. You can provide your dog with quiet chew toys or a puzzle treat toy. You can even toss a chew toy to play fetch during the movie. You and maybe some of your guests can toss the chew toy to different spots so that your dog can enjoy some fun. Best of all, if your dog gets tired, maybe your dog will calm down and cuddle up with you. You can enjoy each other's presence during the movie. While you will want to have fun during a movie night, it makes sense that you would want your dog to also have fun. 

By providing these simple distractions and environments, you can make sure that your dog enjoys the movie night. This will let your dog have fun while your guests enjoy the evening as well. Maybe watch a dog-friendly movie like "Turner & Hooch".

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