How to Install Your Tether Tug

Get Your Mallet Ready & Let's Do This

Install the Base

Before your dog can begin tugging, start by burying the 18" metal base into the ground. With a rubber mallet, this will just take some muscle and a few minutes. Only an inch or two should be visible when you're done.

Use a Rubber Mallet

Using a metal hammer or mallet will damage the base and the pole will not fit properly. If you only have a metal hammer, place a block of wood or other solid durable item on top of the base.

Insert the Pole

Once the metal base is in the ground, simply slide the Tether Tug pole into the base. Now your dog can start tugging away!

Mow & Stow

The pole slides into and out of the base to allow for mowing and stowing when playtime is over. We recommend the base be installed deep into the ground to allow the mower to drive over it.