Odyssey-In Search of Dog Food

Odyssey-In Search of Dog Food - Tether Tug


I have been overwhelmed searching for the best dog food to feed our pack.  We have four mixed breed dogs in varying stages of life and activity level.  They are all  healthy except for an occasional hot spot or a bout of dry skin.  One of our senior girls was born with hip dysplasia, is less active and tends to carry extra weight.  The youngest, a very active 3 year old, burns calories when he blinks.  

They are all dogs but they all have different nutritional needs.  Trying to find dog foods that provide healthy nutrition for multiple dogs has been a challenge over the years.  I've learned there is no "one type fits all" dog food if you are looking for food to meet your dog's or dogs' specific needs.  Shopping for dog food is a dizzying task.  So many brands, dried, wet, raw, chicken, beef, venison, high protein, grain free, healthy grain, vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, eco-friendly packaging, cute dogs begging for a particular brand, or wolves staring intently willing you to buy that dog food.  My budget, financial and time, is also a consideration.  It's mind boggling.  

Included in my decision to search for better foods for our dogs was all the information being released on DCM (dialated cardiomyopathy-enlargement of the heart).  I was alerted to DCM by my sister-in-law who passed on studies she had read and knew anecdotally of a family whose dog was effected by DCM.  I began reading up on DCM and other issues perhaps connected to the types of foods we feed our dogs.  I became more determined to educate myself so I could make better choices. 

One of the best articles I read and would like to share with you is from Consumers Advocate's, "Best Dog Foods Based on In-Depth Reviews, September 16, 2019, consumersadvocate.orgThe approach of the staff to this subject was very thoughtful, thorough, and sincere.  Please click on the link to read their findings


I appreciated the time and effort Consumers Advocate put into the report they published. 

I wanted to share a kibble and bit of my odyssey, "In Search of Dog Food".  I love our dogs and I want them to eat food that suits them as canines and that will optimize their health.  It is my responsibility to be informed about what I feed them.  I'd like to recommend fellow dog lovers that you read articles from reputable sources, compare and analyze the information, and make feeding decisions that is best for your dog(s). Educating myself is helping me make better informed decisions in keeping our pack healthy and happy.  








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