Manage the Aggression: Best Toys for an Active Pup

Manage the Aggression: Best Toys for an Active Pup - Tether Tug

The new ball of fluff that is a puppy generally alternates between overwhelming energy and sleepiness. For the most part, all they need is exercise and love, but some have a very normal tendency towards destruction. This can come as a direct result of teething, boredom, or any other array of reasons. As a result though, you may find yourself on a mad search for a toy to keep their destruction at bay from shoes and cords alike.

Puzzle Toys

A puzzle toy for dogs generally means it's a toy that they will have to work at. Some are a beehive shaped, rubber, hollow product that you can put treats like peanut butter in. Then, instead of chewing on less than ideal products, they are working to figure out how to get the peanut butter out of the toy. Puzzle type toys are great for dogs for several reasons. Partially because they provide intellectual stimulation, which is critical for growing dogs; and partially because they give them something to do across a long period of time as they have to work to get the treat out. It's not instant gratification.

Fluffless Toys

Many dogs have an adamant love of stuffed animal type toys. These are fun in concept, but if you've purchased one for your active pup, you are likely finding yourself picking up an endless supply of white fluff. There are innumerable options on the market for stuffed animal looking toys, however, they have zero fluff in them. Often times they will even still have a squeaky component, but you won't be trapped in a never ending fluff clean-up effort.

Edible Chew Toys

To an extent, there is no way to avoid a dog chewing on something. Sometimes the best method is to redirect them to a toy that is appropriate for such an activity. There are dog bones made that are completely safe for consumption, hard, almost plastic-like, bacon flavored, and durable. There are also dog shaped chew toys that are intended to clean the teeth and are usually green in color. No matter the product, they are able to give the dog an outlet to satisfy their desire to chew. They also have the added benefit of cleaning the dog's teeth in addition to strengthening them.

Exercise and love your new furry addition as much as possible. It will use up that energy that could lead to aggression, which is something you don’t want. Give them a durable outlet for toy options. It will save you some grief and them some frustration to have a few things on hand. An active pup need not be an aggravating one.

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