Life Hacks to Help Calm an Excited Puppy

Life Hacks to Help Calm an Excited Puppy - Tether Tug

Puppies are simply tiny balls of energy wrapped in an adorable layer of fluffy cuteness. Much like human toddlers, puppies are adorable to behold when they are sleeping and a blinding ball of motion when awake. At times, all of this energy gets a bit too intense. Fortunately, there are ways to calm an excited puppy safely and constructively. (You're on your own with the toddler.)


puppy exercise

Understand that puppies will expend their energy one way or another. It's up to you to help them do so in a positive way. To keep your puppy calm, go for regular walks, take trips to the pet store, spend time in the dog park and take your puppy on other appropriate adventures often. It's also important that you get on the floor and play with him daily. Set up a Tether Tug in the yard and let him go at it himself. These activities will keep your puppy busy and burn off his energy in a constructive way, ultimately keeping him calmer.

Give Her a Job

puppy job

Jobs keep dogs busy, focused and calm, and can comprise just about anything. Put some treats in a container that forces your dog to work at getting them out. Try visiting a local agility course or make one at home for your pooch. You can also teach your dog tricks, like helping you clean up her toys or finding a toy hidden in the house. Anything that keeps your dog focused and her mind working counts as a puppy job, including a simple game of fetch. Another great way to keep your dog engaged is to rotate her toys, periodically replacing the old with the new.

Use the Silent Treatment

Ignoring a problem doesn't usually make it go away, but it can help if the problem is a hyper dog. If your puppy gets overly excited when greeting you, he is likely looking for attention. Rewarding his behavior by giving him the attention he seeks only reinforces the bad behavior. Instead, ignore your puppy until he calms down and then shower him with praise and attention. Your dog will learn that the best way to get your attention is by asking nicely rather than jumping on you or otherwise acting out.

Try Aromatherapy


An increasing number of humans are finding that they can alter their mood and stimulate their sense with essential oils. Evidence suggests the same approach may work for dogs. You can administer oils to your dog through home infusers or by using sprays on her bedding or in her bath water. Some formulations can also be safely applied to the dog's skin. Lavender, cypress, chamomile, and sweet marjoram are all calming to dogs.

Puppies are always ready for an adventure, which is part of what makes them so much fun. Unfortunately, it also makes them troublesome when you need a little peace and quiet. These tips and tricks will help you balance your needs and those of your puppy, keeping him calm when you need some down time and letting him go when it's time to play.

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