3 More Things You Can Do to Dog-Proof Your Home

3 More Things You Can Do to Dog-Proof Your Home - Tether Tug

Dogs are naturally curious creatures, but there are many things in your home that you don’t want your precious puppy to get into. Here are three more things you can do to dog-proof your home to keep your dog safe and protect your possessions.

Safety Locks on Cabinets

You know those safety locks used to keep children out of cupboards? They don’t just work for children. Cabinet locks work for dogs, too. Dogs love to explore and are very clever. They can open doors they shouldn’t and explore cabinets that are off-limits. To prevent the dog getting into cabinets they shouldn’t, try buying safety locks. While they take a little getting used to, as you need to make sure to undo them when you’re trying to open the cabinet, they will keep your dog out of the chemicals, toiletries and other things he shouldn’t be exploring.

Door Handles vs Door Knobs

Did you know that dogs can open doors? Door handles may look stylish, but your dog can open them with his paw, getting into rooms he shouldn’t. It’s an easy fix to solve this problem. Round door knobs are harder for dogs to open than door handles, or even oval door knobs. Installing different door knobs will keep your dog out of rooms he shouldn’t be in and protect your belongings. While you’re looking for door knobs, you might find a new stylish one that you like even better than your door handles.

Doggy Gates

Another thing you can do is add doggy gates to your home. Doggy gates act like child gates by blocking the dog from passing, but you must train your dog to respect the gate. Don’t allow them to jump over the gate to get to the other side. Reward them for staying on their side of the gate. It might take a while to train your dog how to respect the gate, but it will be worth it as the dog will stay in the designated dog-zone, allowing you to work on projects and other hobbies that you otherwise couldn’t do because of the dog getting in your space.

Dog proofing your home can take a while, as you might have to purchase the supplies and train your dog, but it is worthwhile. Dog proofing your home will keep your dog safe, and you will have peace of mind that your dog won’t get into anywhere they shouldn’t.

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