3 More Methods For Preventing Dog-Related Lawn Damage

3 More Methods For Preventing Dog-Related Lawn Damage - Tether Tug

Dogs are an important part of your household and even a crucial part of your family as well. In order to keep a happy home, your pup should be a loving companion that doesn't make things harder on your life. Dog waste and destructive doggy activities around your lawn can bring down the value of your home; however, you can prevent damage while still enjoying your dog's company and benefits to your lifestyle.

Try Low-Nitrogen Fertilizer

Your dog is naturally used to urinating on the lawn and soil. If you're using fertilizer to grow plants and flowers, an article from The Bark suggests choosing low-nitrogen varieties that can repel the dogs from certain spots. If you can, lead them to spots in the yard with a creek or a special area where they can be trained to do their business away from the growth of food and flowers.

Increase Your Dog's Water Intake

By giving your dog more water and water resources, they can relieve themselves on walks under your guidance. Adding water to their food and supplements can dilute their urine to make it less harmful if they relieve themselves on the lawn. According to Purrfect Dog Training, by feeding your dogs healthy nutrients and watered-down food, your pup's release can cause less damage to your lawn if they have to go right away. Another healthy option is to collect their waste when you can see it happen so that it doesn't cause damage to your lawn when your dog is out and about.

Switch to Artificial Grass

If you’ve been having trouble with grass damage resulting from your dog’s urine, you might think about switching to artificial grass instead. According to Celebrity Greens, artificial grass is not as susceptible as natural grass is to the same burn damage caused by dog urine. It will also let you enjoy outdoor activities with your family as long as you stay with the upkeep. Research artificial lawn care or look to a professional team to help keep your grass looking as good as new.

Whether you live in a rental or a home of your own, you'll want to feel comfortable with your surroundings and give a place for your pup to relieve themselves when they need to without harming your lawn. The entire family, including your furry friends, should feel at home wherever they may reside. Your property can be a great place to enjoy and keep clean for all walks of life.

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