How to Make Your Move with Your Dog As Easy As 1, 2, 3

How to Make Your Move with Your Dog As Easy As 1, 2, 3 - Tether Tug

Dogs are creatures of habit, and moving to a new house can be very stressful for them. If you’re going to be moving in the near future, you’ll want to make sure that you take the necessary steps toward making your dog more comfortable. This will help your pet adjust better once you are in your new location. Moving can be stressful for everyone, but here is how you can make your move with your dog as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Before the Move

Starwood Animal Transport Services explains that if you have closed on your new home but haven’t yet moved, you can start to get your dog acclimated to your new place right away. You can take them there for a short amount of time, increasing the length of time that you stay each visit. Let your dog explore and check out the new yard. If there are places they shouldn’t go, you can casually introduce them to those rules now. 

During the Move

On The Move Moving and Storage recommends making packing a human-only activity. Dogs will be tempted to chew on boxes, tape, exposed cords and more. Make sure they are comfortable during the packing but out of the way. You might even want to have a friend or family member keep an eye on your pet while you’re in the process of moving everything. It's a stressful time for you and your dog. You can pick them up and acclimate them later on in the day when things have slowed down and there aren’t as many people around. Before you bring your dog in to the new place, have their items set up. This includes their bed (stick with the old one that they’re used to for now), food and water bowls and favorite toys.

After the Move

When you bring your dog into their new home, take the time to show them around. VCA Hospitals suggests showing them where the food and water dishes will be located, where the door is to go out for the bathroom, and where their bed will be. You’ll even want to show them where your bedroom will be in case your dog gets scared and needs some reassurance from you. Also, understand that it can be hard for a dog to understand a new place, and so helping them get used to a new area is of utmost importance.

The backyard is an important part of any home for your canine. Make sure that your yard is ready for your pooch to do their business. If it's in the budget, you can even change the shape of your yard to alter the length, width, or add height and hills. Brown Concrete & Backhoe explains that you can add various types of hills, valleys, and swoops by excavating the yard. This will add interest to your outdoor space and give your dog plenty of room to run around. 

Don’t be alarmed if your dog is a bit nervous the first couple of nights. Even though you’re with them, this is a whole new place for them. They may be worried or stressed if they don’t quite understand this is a welcoming place to be.

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