Basic Commands That Every Dog Should Know

Basic Commands That Every Dog Should Know - Tether Tug

Teaching your dog basic commands helps him or her to understand the importance and the necessity of training and smooths the transition into a new home. Learning and understanding simple commands provides your dog with the direction and the guidance needed to stay safe and calm even in the most stressful situations. Here are five basic commands that your dog should know to stay happy and healthy.


Sitting is usually the first and most basic command dogs are taught. Instructing your dog to sit in social settings or when in an excited state allows your canine to calm down and relax as he or she looks to you for guidance. Once dogs have mastered the sitting command, they will often sit to gain permission for things that they want. This command can also help you to keep your dog in one place in busy situations and places where you don’t want them to get lost.


Using a calm and assertive voice while commanding your dog to stay can save its life and prevent unforeseen accidents from happening when it meets unfamiliar people. Regular practice and mastery of the stay command ensures the safety of your dog and others. The last thing you want is for your dog to run into traffic and get hit because he or she didn’t understand the command to stay by your side in dangerous situations.

Lie Down

Lying down in a noisy public place can be challenging for a dog. Teaching your dog to lie down works best if you start at home and later try it in other locations once your dog becomes a pro. Commanding your dog to lie down allows him or her to relax as you both enjoy the park or dine outdoors at a crowded, pet-friendly cafe. 


Letting untrained dogs loose can have serious consequences for owners. Requiring your dog to come when you call is one of the most important commands for him or her to learn. Practicing this command regularly keeps your dog close and out of harm's way if he or she should wander too far from your side. 


Dogs love to play, and teaching your dog to fetch is a wonderful way to maintain your dog's health and happiness. Fetching allows your dog to not only practice agility and muscle strengthening exercises that promote physical wellness, but it also helps invigorate your friend mentally. Many dogs are retrievers by nature of their genetics, so this can be an especially fun activity for them to play with you.

Consistently teaching and practicing basic dog commands gives your dog the loving stability and guidance he or she needs to perform well and to respond appropriately to a variety of challenging situations. Mastering these commands provides dogs with the mental and physical stimulation they need to keep their senses sharp and their bodies relaxed.

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