3 Ways to Help Your Pet Cope While Moving House

3 Ways to Help Your Pet Cope While Moving House - Tether Tug

Moving to a new home is stressful under the best of conditions, but it can get even worse when you have to relocate with your pets. Dogs and cats do not always do well with that kind of change, but there are things that you can do to help your beloved pets cope while you move to a new house.

The Difference Between Dogs and Cats

If you have dogs or cats and you're planning to move with them, then you need to know how they are different in regards to how they treat the relocation process. While dogs will be more likely to get excited and want to watch as you pack everything up, cats will be more likely to get stressed out. Simply put, cats do not take big changes well. Dogs aren't a fan of them either, but you can at least keep a dog around while you pack up and even include them in the moving process. Cats may need to be kept in a quiet room and isolated.

Introduce Crates/Kennels Early

Your dog will need to be kept in a crate or kennel during at least part of the moving process, so make sure that they will stay in one without getting too stressed out. This means introducing them to their crate or kennel a few weeks before your moving day. If you want your pet to get used to not just the crate but the feeling of traveling by car, take short drives with your furry friend. That will get your dog used to how it feels to travel before you move.

Don't Change Your Pet's Routine

Even though you may be running around trying to get all of your belongings packed up and ready for your new home, you should try to stick to your pets' routine as closely as possible. Feed them at the same time every day, let them out when you would normally let them out, and otherwise try to keep their lives as close to normal as you can both in the weeks leading up to the move and when you finally relocate to your new home.

As stressful as moving is to humans and pets, you will be surprised at how quickly things get back to normal once it is done. Stay calm when you get ready for your move, and make sure that your pets are safe and comfortable during the process. They are members of your family, and they deserve nothing less.

One way to help calm your pet down during a move is to help them get the exercise they need, a tired dog is going to be more relaxed and easy to move than one that is full of energy. Check out Tether Tug so your dog can get the exercise they need without tiring you out more than moving already will!
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