3 US Cities That Love Dogs as Much as We Do

3 US Cities That Love Dogs as Much as We Do - Tether Tug

Dog lovers who take their dog everywhere understand the importance of living in a city that supports pooch ownership. There are a variety of factors that define a dog-friendly locale. An abundance of dog parks, pet-friendly business policies, and a large number of like-minded residents will make your dog ownership experience much more positive if you live a city that embraces the pup culture. Here are three of the friendliest dog cities in the country:

Seattle, Washington

Once you get over the rain, Seattle is a mecca for dogs and their owners. Do206 explains, “Seattle is absolutely full of dog friendly businesses and other areas. Many pubs, bars, and restaurants are dog friendly or even use their dog friendliness as a selling point! There are also dozens of dog friendly parks (many of which offer extensive off-leash areas), but many are just wonderful outdoor areas you can walk, hike, or run with your favorite friend!” Seattle boasts an extensive public transportation system, using ferries, buses, light rails, and more. Fortunately for dog owners, most of these modes of transportation even allow you to bring your dog on board for the ride. A myriad of dog meetup groups makes it easy to meet like-minded humans and their pooches. You will never be lonely in the rainy city!

Austin, Texas

As the largest no-kill city in the country, Austin respects the lives of dogs to the fullest extent. All Storage Online explains, “from dog-friendly bars, shops and workplaces to beautiful green spaces where you and your tail-wagging companion can both run free, it often feels like Austin was created with four-legged friends in mind.” The city's warm weather climate is also conducive to dogs being able to roam the great outdoors often. The progressive business policies of the city encourage dog owners to include their pets in a variety of spots around town.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco holds the title as the most dog-friendly city in the United States. The residents who call this place home, enjoy taking their canine companion with them everywhere they go around the city. In fact, the city boasts nearly 170 dog-friendly restaurants. Additionally, Avis explains that while San Francisco is a large city, it’s also close to many outdoor opportunities, such as fishing at Pacifica Pier and hiking in the coastal redwoods. Active owners are able to get outside with their pets and enjoy the great outdoors of California. 

These cities are just the tip of the iceberg. As more dog owners push for dog-friendly policies, this likely can encourage other cities to embrace pooch-positive allowances.

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