3 Expert Tips For Calming Large High Energy Dogs

3 Expert Tips For Calming Large High Energy Dogs - Tether Tug

1. Get your dog involved in “work”

High energy dogs have high energy brains that crave a workout. Start with an obedience class to pick up skills from a professional that you can practice at home. Later, kick it up a notch with more advanced classes like scent work, agility, or dock-diving.

2. Encourage Calm Behavior with a Click

Reward any short pause with a clicker and treat. While the calm pauses will be brief at first, your pup will learn that he can control the clicker (and treat) by maintaining increasingly longer periods of calm.

3. Play Tug-of-War Games

Both physically and mentally challenging, Tug-of-War has also been shown to build confidence in timid dogs, and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

“Skye absolutely loves it!” – Kerri P.

 The joy of Tug-of-War is the inspiration behind the dog toys at Tether Tug. We feel we’ve designed the absolute best dog toy in the world! The large (“Big”) Tether Tug is designed to sit 18” beneath the soil in a well-secured, easy to install base.

 In ground base for Tether Tug


Some tips for getting the most out of your Tug-of-War time

Tug-of-war games should be initiated by you. The Tether Tug’s super strength pole is designed to be easily removed from its base when not in use. By placing the pole into the base during designated playtime, it keeps you in control of the game. When playtime is over, simply remove and store the pole and toy attachment until the next playtime.

The pole can also be used as a flirt pole to help stimulate your dog to play in different ways. Swing, wiggle, and bounce the toy on the end of the pole to trigger your dog’s grab and play instincts.

Interchangeable toy attachments are designed to securely hold the toy throughout tough play, but are easily removed by humans with safe clip technology. We recommend keeping the game fun and fresh by rotating the toy attachment daily or weekly.

What’s your large dog’s favorite way to play?

At Tether Tug, our mission is to contribute to dogs’ overall well-being by challenging them physically and mentally.  Activity that engages a dog physically & mentally will also benefit a dog emotionally.  We all know they have feelings! Ours feel strongly about treats, couch snuggle time, and chipmunks that invade their yard.

Tether Tug offers 2 sizes for your outdoor tugger. Our BIG Tether Tug is designed for those dogs over 70 lbs. who could move a house foundation if a ball was attached!

Truly we have customers with 150-200 lb beasts who still love their Tether Tug after many years of rough play. Some breeds such as Belgian Malanois may be under 70 lbs but still need the stabilizing power of our BIG Tether Tug.
Dogs under 70 lbs often need a slightly less rigid pole to provide enough give for a good game of tug. These dogs are perfect for our Medium Tether Tug.

Both sizes have been continually improved over many years and thousands of trials. We are so confident in the quality of our toys, we offer a Quality Satisfaction Guarantee for every online purchase.

Tug. Pull. Spin. Repeat.

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