$7.99 flat rate shipping

$7.99 flat rate shipping

Small Tether Tug Ball Bundle

Even small dogs LOVE to play tug of war! Tether Tug is the perfect hybrid dog toy that can be used indoor and outdoor with small dogs or puppies under 35 lbs. It's designed to provide dogs with an interactive, self-play experience that will wear them out and give you a break!

The Tether Tug pole is flexible and wrapped in a durable ballistic-like nylon mesh material, comes with two bases (indoor AND outdoor), a fleece rope and a ball toy plus attachment to keep it fun for your dog.

We stand behind every product! See our Paw Promise!

Installation is easy!  Watch our how-to video


  • Small dogs have as much, if not more energy than large dogs! Create hours of fun and exercise for your small dog with Tether Tug.

    A unique, flexible design that features a lower hanging braided rope for easier reach allows your dog to get the proper amount of exercise each day. Setting up the Tether Tug toy is easy: Drive the base into the ground and insert the Tether Tug pole into the base. Then your dog is ready to grab the toy and start playing!

    The Tether Tug pole bends, flexes and gives as it rotates around 360 degrees. To your dog, it feels just like a human arm is pulling and tugging, which is very satisfying and gives them the encouragement and incentive to keep playing. For small dogs with the spirit of a wind-up toy, interactive play is a must!

    Healthy, Happy, Entertained.

    Offers dogs of all sizes & ages an outlet to expend energy using their natural drive to chase, grab, tug, and run. Combined with consistent training exercise creates a polite, well-rounded dog.

    Sit Back and Relax.

    A great option for dog owners who have a hard time keeping up with their dog's play drive. Tether Tug can help keep the dog playing after their person needs a break. Relax while your pup tugs, spins, and free plays.

    Our Paw Promise.

    We promise to do all we can to make sure you and your dog have a great experience with each Tether Tug. If you purchase your Tether Tug and it breaks due to a product defect we will replace it.

     Up to 35 lb dogs Small
     35–70 lb dogs Medium
     70–175 lb dogs Big

    *These are recommended sizes by weight. If your dog is a strong puller, go up a size.

  • Do you have a question about Tether Tug? Please contact us!

    888-458-5759 or Help@TetherTug.com

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