BIG Tether Tug Bundle - Tough Squeaker Toy (Pack of 3)

$119.80 Regular Price $139.80

Tether Tug outdoor dog toy bundle is designed to hold up to the toughest, roughest big dogs (70-150 lbs.)! With 360 degrees of pulling and spinning with attached toys, it's held into the ground by an 18" in-ground metal base that allows the Tether Tug to slide in and out when not in use. 

Our unique design allows your big dog to move 360 degrees around the Tether Tug pole as it bends and flexes.

This Tether Tug Bundle can be used with any of our popular tug toys and attachment, but includes a rope toy and a 3 pack of our Tough Squeaker Toy. This toy will wear out your strong and energetic dog! The multiple bite toys SQUEAK and are made of a durable, thick nylon rope, then wrapped in ballistic-like nylon woven material. 

What's Included:

Order this Tether Tug bundle and you'll get everything your dog needs to start tugging PLUS a Pack of 3 Tough Squeaker Toys: 

  • 1 x BIG Tether Tug Pole with Large Locking Clip
  • 1 x 18" Outdoor Base (New & Improved for Better Stability!)
  • 1 x Rope Tug Toy
  • 3 x Tough Squeaker Toy 

See the Tether Tug In Action:

Easy Installation: