BIG Tether Tug Bundle - Variety

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Tether Tug is designed to hold up to the toughest, roughest big dogs (70-150 lbs.)! With 360 degrees of pulling and spinning with attached toys, it's held into the ground by a mammoth 18" in-ground base that lets the Tether Tug slide in and out when not in use. This toy will wear out your strong and energetic dogs! The variety bundle includes everything you need to keep playtime fun and exciting by rotating 4 different toys!

What's Included?

(1) Big Tether Tug Pole
(1) In-ground 18" Base
(1) Rope Toy
(1) Ball Toy Plus
(1) Monkey Fist Toy
(1) Bite Toy 

See the Tether Tug In Action:

Easy Installation: