Outdoor Base for BIG & MEDIUM Tether Tugs


The in-ground base is a vital component of the Tether Tug, as it provides the ability for the tug to bend and spin without coming out of the ground.

An in-ground base is included with every Tether Tug pole purchase, but many customers choose to purchase additional bases for 2nd locations, parks, or as a replacement for their original.

An extra base for the BIG & MEDIUM Tether Tug lets you have multiple locations installed or to allow for use during an extended park trip, camping excursion, or other outing where you don’t want to dig up your current base. 

Which Tether Tug models does this work for?

This base will work for all current models of the Tether Tug MEDIUM or BIG.

Please click here to purchase an In-Ground Base for SMALL Tether Tugs made before 2020.