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One of the perks of selling dog toys is attending pet expos, dog shows & events and festivals celebrating dogs. We’ve met people from all over the world. We’ve talked to people from many & varied walks of life. We’ve connected with people who are on the opposite end of the political, religious, societal, cultural spectrum and everywhere in between. In an increasingly divided social climate, it was refreshing to have these interactions. To be honest though, we sadly realized if we weren’t talking about dogs, we may not have talked at all. Our experience though is people everywhere love their dogs. People love to talk about their dogs. That mutual love for our canine companions is a starting point. It is where we start a conversation.


Dogs Unite Us was created to encourage people to start a conversation.

We all ask, “What kind of dog do you have?” Perhaps we can be more purposeful in our conversation. See where the conversation leads when talking about your dog(s). You may find you have more in common than dogs. If not, its okay. Dogs are known for creating meaningful bonds.

After the conversation starts, we hope people will connect with each other. Our desire is that people will focus on what we have in common. By focusing on what we have in common we connect with one another in a ‘paw’sitive way. Our hope is this dog inspired connection with others will chip away at the walls that may divide many of us.

Our vision is to build a community based on these conversations and connections. We hope that Dogs Unite Us will begin a movement where people come together regardless of our diverse and unique experiences. Differences aren’t bad. Look at dogs! So many breeds, sizes, colors, coats, skills, temperaments, and personality! The diversity of dogs is an amazing and beautiful thing. It’s the same for people! A community, foraged in a common love for dogs, can have a profound and positive impact on society.

Start a conversation. Make a connection. Build a community.

Dogs are invaluable to us. They comfort us. They protect us. They guide us. They love us. And at Tether Tug, we believe Dogs Unite Us.