The Big Tether Tug (for dogs over 70 lbs) provides the intense chase-and-tug play your big dog craves with no more sore arms for you! Tug games are the fastest way to tire out a large dog. It’s also the fastest way to feel like your arms are on fire.

This is our toughest Tether Tug and is made with your big strong pup in mind. They stand up to even the strongest, most determined dogs.

From protecting entire herds of cattle to hunting down large prey, big dogs were made for strength and endurance. They thrive with physical and mental stimulation.

When they get plenty of exercise, large dogs make great couch buddies. They’re calmer, more trainable and less prone to anxiety-related behavior issues - but only when you keep up with their daily activity needs.

Another reason to keep moving: large dogs are prone to arthritis and hip dysplasia. While genetics are partially responsible, inactivity and obesity dramatically increase your dog’s risk.

Daily exercise helps your dog burn more calories, even when they’re resting. Combined with a healthy, high quality diet, your dog can lose or maintain weight to reduce stress on their joints.

Which Tether Tug to get for my Big Dog?

We love big dogs and we developed our Big Tether Tug specifically for them.  Built extra strong, the Big Tether Tug is designed to withstand the pulls, tugs and spins from most dogs 70-150+ lbs.  It's also a good choice for all of those super driven focused medium dogs that play strong.

Your big dog will LOVE our Big Tether Tug.  Add to their enjoyment with some of our other uniquely designed toy attachments.  All of our toys come with the standard Rope Toy Attachment. It works great for many dogs but some dogs will dispatch it in minutes.  If that’s your dog, maybe try our more durable attachments like our Ball Toy Plus, Bite Toy or Monkey Fist.  They are made with super strong nautical rope and triple stitched climbing harness.

Is this Tether Tug strong enough for my dog?

The ultimate in Tether Tugs, the BIG size is the strongest version we have ever made. Nearly 40% thicker than our medium size, and 30% stronger than the previous BIG model—it's made for the biggest, strongest dogs (70+ lb.) that you just know could move a house foundation if it had a tennis ball attached! We're talking about breeds like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, etc. We've learned over the years, the Big Tether Tug is a must for a Belgian Malinois. Though not as large in stature as some of the other dogs mentioned, they are focused and strong. If you have a dog under 70 lbs but plays vigorously and is very focused, you may want to consider our Big Tether Tug.

The BIG still allows 360 degree pulling and spinning with the attached rope toy, and is held into the ground by a mammoth in-ground base that lets the Tether Tug slide in and out when not in use. 

Suggestion:  If you think this Tether Tug is too much for your dog, even if your dog is over 70 lbs perhaps consider a Medium.  If you aren't sure contact us: