Tether Tug For Corgis

Corgis have quickly grown in popularity over the last couple years. These small, unique dogs originate from Wales, and have become popular due to their even temperament and affectionate nature – as well as their fluffy ears and cute tails!

Corgis are also extremely intelligent, often ranking in “top 10” lists for dog breed intelligence. They were originally bred as a working dog, so they’re easy to train and enjoy pleasing their masters.

And despite their smaller size, Corgis are extremely strong. They were bred “long and low”, in order to ensure they would avoid kicks from cattle or sheep while herding them. Due to their origins as a working dog, they also benefit immensely from regular exercise.

Corgis need regular exercise and entertainment, especially when they’re younger. Without regular physical and mental stimulation, Corgis can become unruly and obnoxious, and their natural tendency for running away when off-leash may be exacerbated.

Generally, it’s recommended that Corgis be walked for at least an hour a day in total, and regular play sessions are also important for both growing Corgis, and older adults.

It can be quite difficult for Corgis to get this level of exercise, so problems with obese and overweight Corgis are quite common among Corgi owners, especially those who live in apartments.

Tether Tug is a fantastic way to provide your Corgi with a fun, simple way to exercise. Whether you choose to play with your Corgi, or simply let them loose with this interactive dog toy, they can get plenty of exercise and entertainment.

If you’re a busy person who owns a Corgi, and are worried that your precious pooch isn’t getting enough exercise, a Tether Tug might just be the perfect solution for you. Read on to learn about our recommended Tether Tug products for Corgis.

Which Tether Tug Should I Get For My Corgi?

Despite the fact that Corgis are small dogs, they have wide and muscular, low-slung bodies, and can be surprisingly strong. Though healthy, fully-grown Corgis rarely exceed 37-40 lbs, they’re quite powerful.

Our Medium Tether Tug is rated for dogs between 35-65lbs, and even though many corgis will be under that size, their incredible drive and barrel chests make them VERY strong pullers.  Our medium has been Corgi tested and approved. 

You may also consider investing in a Stabilizer for Loose Soil. This add-on allows you to stabilize your pup’s Tether Tug, and helps prevent it from being torn loose. Because of the pulling power Corgis have, this accessory can be very helpful, even if you have dense soil.

With the Tether Tug, you’ll be able to keep your Corgi happy and healthy – even if you don’t have an extra hour to spare to play fetch, or run around with your precious pup. Our interactive dog toy lets your Corgi play until it’s panting and tired – and gives it the intellectual stimulation it needs to stay satisfied!