Big-Ball Toy Plus Bundle

“My 7.5 month old, 91 lbs, Rottweiler has beat the heck out of this thing since he was 10 weeks old. He loves it!!” -Jim A.

For the biggest of the big dogs (and the strongest of some not so big dogs). Tether Tug is designed to tucker out your strong and energetic dogs! Rotate the two different toys to keep it fun and new!

What's Included?

(1) Big Tether Tug Pole
(1) 18" In-ground base
(1) Rope Toy
(1) Ball Toy Plus 

The ultimate in Tether Tugs, the BIG size is the strongest version we have ever made. Nearly 40% thicker than our medium, the BIG is for the biggest, strongest dogs or the 70+ lb. dogs that you just know could move a house foundation if it had a tennis ball attached! We are talking about Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds! We've learned over the years, the Big Tether Tug is a must for a Belgian Malinois. Though not as large in stature as some of the other dogs mentioned, they are focused and strong. If you have a dog under 70 lbs that plays vigorously and is very focused, you may want to consider our Big Tether Tug.

The BIG still allows 360 degrees of pulling and spinning with the attached rope toy and is held into the ground by a mammoth in-ground base that lets the Tether Tug slide in and out when not in use. The 18" base is provided to secure the toy in the ground.

Don't need the super strength of BIG? Check out our Medium Ball Toy Plus Bundle (under 70 lb dog) or Small (under 35 lb dog) Tether Tugs.  

If you are looking for a tough dog toy that allows your big, strong dog to get a fun workout, check out the BIG Tether Tug! We think you, and more importantly, your dog will be extremely happy! We realize there are some tough canine customers out there that play on another level compared to a lot of dogs. Tether Tug just may be the toy for your dog! 

Installation is easy!  Watch our how-to video

Our Promise      


"I've had this product for about a week. It took my 95lbs GSD a couple days days to get use to it, but now it's the first thing he goes to outside. Which is great because I can finally give my arm a rest!" -Matt

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