SMALL Indoor & Outdoor Tether Tug Bundle Pack

$119.95 Regular Price $125.95

All dogs, big and small LOVE to play tug of war! So give them a toy bundle they can't get enough of! Our indoor bundle is designed to offer some variety! Install it outdoor in the yard, bring the pole inside, change it up with a Ball Toy Plus attachment or play with them one-on-one with an EasyTug (easy on your arm).

Well exercised dogs destroy less furniture and cause you less trouble! Tether Tug is an indoor or outdoor dog toy designed to wear out any small dog or puppy under 35 lbs. The Indoor Bundle Pack provides dogs with an interactive, self-play, tug of war experience that will wear them out and keep them entertained for hours!

The Tether Tug pole is flexible and wrapped in a durable ballistic-like nylon mesh material, comes with two bases (indoor AND outdoor), a fleece rope, a ball toy plus attachment to keep it fun AND an EasyTug for one-on-one playtime with your pup!


See the Tether Tug In Action:

Easy Installation: